For a mass retailer like Target, Art Directing spaces that are accessible and attainable for everyone is pivotal. In this project for the children's line Pillowfort at Target, my focus was creating spaces that showcase both function and beautiful product in a 
multi-use way. In result, we resonated with a wider audience to inspire beautiful homes no matter the size.
As COVID brought many people home in ways they never imagined, the creative challenge in these social amplifications was to show strong multi-use space. Here we see a fun spin on a home office in a living room. Keeping things closer to guest experience helps them envision product in their homes with ease. We also inspire through copy to signal towards small space, well designed storage.
Another show of propping and styling direction that is accessible to many ethnicities through the cycling of the
different shades of dolls, and shows closer placement to signal to small space.
Many parents brought both their work and kids home during COVID, so showing a play space close to a kitchen table would mimic a real life situation for a guest. We take that real life situation and make it stylish and inspiring through stop motion and beautiful product.
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