target: back to school
As a Style Art Director on the Promotions Marketing team at Target, one of our premiere moments of the year is the "Back to School" season. Art directing with the directive of promotional value is a unique challenge of providing beautiful but accessible storytelling to the Target guest. I was able to lean into this challenge by creating multichannel work that was inspirational, focused on value and unmistakably Target.
The team was tasked with communicating that Target has everything a family needs for back
to school all in one place, while still communicating confidence that Target will also provide the best value. 

creative solution:
Create a dynamic & energized visual approach through the use of grids,
floods of color, and humanity that is inclusive & full of life.
moodboard & color palette:
print execution:
social execution:
The team aimed to maintain consistent DealFinder look and feel while including winks and nods to the Back to School campaign. We solved with strong value messaging and tons of personality to deliver on our brief. This creative was promoted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
digital execution:
Using avenues like web banners and RetailMeNot, the team utilized digital channels that aligned with our target
audiences and creatively leaned into the look & feel of the campaign.
​​​​​​​ACD: Samantha Jimenez
Art Director: Mychaela Bueché / Morgan Schiferl / Eve Christensen / Stephanie Hoffman / Heather Bahr
Copywriter: Susan George
Stylist: Kirki Schultz / Zoe Joeright
Hair & Makeup: Annie Ing / Tracey Moyer
Nails: Barbra Warner
Talent: Wehmann Agency
Photo & Post-Production: Fresh Coast Collective / Larry Barthlomew
Producer: Dani Hartmann David Roascio
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