target: mother's day​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
The team was tasked with communicating that Target makes it easy to find great deals and gifts for Mother's Day. The ask creatively was to create a Mother's Day event that is undeniably Target and aligns to the DealFinder style guide. We were also asked to consider multi-cultural insights when creating content knowing Mother’s Day is a holiday celebrated across all cultures. This year the Hispanic celebration (El Dia de la Madre) coincides with Mother’s Day (5/10)
creative solution:
We tackled the ask by infusing the creative with flowers blooming and opening to reveal our top Mom’s Day gift deals. We also leaned into creating equity in DealFinder by following the style guide to create a bold, value-based campaign.
moodboard & color palette:
behind the scenes:
print execution:
social execution:
Mother's Day 2020 DealFinder Social Amplifications.
digital execution:
TPS Tower Downtown Mother's Day Celebration:
TPS Tower Downtown that was created by internal Target motion graphics team which utilized the stop motion flowers directed for Promo Marketing's Mother's Day Campaign campaign.
ACD: Samantha Jimenez
Art Director: Mychaela Bueché / Heather Bahr / Stephanie Hoffmann / Rebecca Shalloway
Copywriter: Susan George
Stylist: Matt Stenerson / Tony Vu
Hair & Makeup: Fatima Olive
Talent: Wehmann Agency
Photo & Post-Production: Fresh Coast Collective
Producer: Rebecca Glenz
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